Sunday, September 4, 2011

Burger Lounge (San Diego)

Yelp: Burger Lounge

Rating: 4 stars 

Food: 4 stars
1) Turkey burger: DELICIOUS! I loved how cute the small whole wheat bun was! Perfected toasted and so fluffy! The turkey patty was perfectly fried and oh so yummy!
2) Veggie burger: A little dry but the bun and the fixings made up for it! I liked the turkey burger more...I guess that's why I'm not a vegetarian!
3) half and half onion rings/fries: the onion rings were super good! Fries were well seasoned! 

Service: 4 stars 
Very nice people that work there!

Ambiance: 4 stars
Very hipster and trendy place. I loved the bright orange decor! Very young and friendly! Whether you are going on a date or out with the family, this place can accommodate all! 

Price: 4 stars 
Very reasonable! Everything cost around $25. It was a steal for how good the food was!

Overall: 4 stars 
I would totally LOVE to come again! I must try a REAL burger next time!

   The Veggie Burger with Half and Half of Onion Rings and Fries 

The Turkey Burger 

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